A revolutionary surface treatment providing permanent anti-microbial protection against viruses (including coronaviruses and influenza), bacteria, algae and mould.

Creates an invisible physical barrier to destroy microbes

An invisible layer of protection which actively kills microbes on contact.

Proven safe

Tested and approved to be dermatologically and food safe.

Long-lasting protection

High-touch surfaces – one year of protection. Low-touch surfaces – four years of protection. (Competitor products only last 30 days).


The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the fact that simply achieving a visibly-clean environment is no longer enough. Effective infection control is now required to eliminate the micro-organisms that we cannot see, to protect the health of everyone in our community.

Liquid Guard® is a revolutionary, award-winning surface treatment providing permanent anti-microbial protection against viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria, algae and mould.

Liquid Guard was developed in 2019 and won the German Innovation Award in Berlin last year. It is now distributed in 70 countries.

Tested and proven to be safe and long lasting, this award-winning surface treatment is now available in New Zealand through Micro Surface Solutions NZ. Liquid Guard® is unique and superior due to its longevity – requiring re-treatments much less frequently than other surface treatments.

Liquid Guard® coats surfaces with an ultra-thin layer of modified silicon dioxide glass, containing positively-charged nitrogen atoms which attract negatively-charged atoms in microbes. Microbes are drawn to the surface, where Liquid Guard® technology physically kills the microbes through contact with ‘swords’ on the coated surface, each measuring 150 nanometres in size. These ‘swords’ puncture the cell wall on contact and render the microbe dead.

What sets Liquid Guard® apart is that it is ‘always on’, working continuously to kill all microbes that land on treated surfaces. It prevents surface to hand transmission of viruses and bacteria for one year on high-touch surfaces, and four years on low-touch surfaces. This stands head and shoulders above other surface treatments offered in New Zealand, which require re-application every 30 days. These other products are also known to discolour certain surfaces.

How does it work?

Liquid Guard® is applied to surfaces by wiping, spraying or ‘fogging’ – creating a mist which coats surfaces in large areas.

Micro Surface Solutions NZ offers a full range of application options. These include application via spray and/or fogging of larger environments, such as entire business premises and public spaces, by our specialist team. We can also provide wipes and sprays for customers to self-treat smaller areas.

Fogging is a superior surface treatment method which eliminates all pathogens, even ones that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning. he process works by filling a space with a fine mist of Liquid Guard®, which settles on all surfaces. 

Liquid Guard® then continues to kill any surface contamination for up to four years (unlike other fogging treatments available in New Zealand which need to be reapplied every 30 days). The coating cannot be washed or cleaned off and will continuously protect the surface, as well as any person who comes into contact with it. Fogging is a long established and recognised method of treating and protecting entire surface areas, including walls, ceilings, furnishings, carpets and floors. 

Liquid Guard® is designed to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces, from door handles to entire hospitals. Talk to us about applications in large commercial settings.

Certified to protect

Liquid Guard® is certified to eliminate many different organisms including:

  • TGEV Coronavirus* (model virus for SARS-CoV)
  • Influenza A
  • E Coli
  • Clostridium
  • Salmonella
  • Haemophilus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Aspergillus
  • Listeria
  • Strep Mutans
  • Tuberculosis
  • Candida Albicans

To date, testing has not discovered any microbe that Liquid Guard® does not defeat.

*New Zealand consultant microbiologist Dr. Arthur Morris is satisfied with Liquid Guard’s ability to kill Covid-19, issuing this statement:

“Liquid Guard is certified to kill TGEV-Coronavirus. This is the model virus used for the coronavirus family, which includes SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, in disinfection testing.”

Dr. Arthur Morris, New Zealand Clinical Microbiologist


  • Antibacterial – Broad antibacterial activity (incl. multi-resistant bacteria)
  • Antiviral – Active against TGEV-coronavirus (model virus for SARS-CoV) and Influenza A
  • Prevents microbial odours
  • Fungicidal
  • Defence against mites – deprives house dust mites of food
  • Prevents mould growth on smooth and textured surfaces
  • Facilitates easier cleaning and removal of limescale, soot, grease, dust etc
  • Promotes comfort, wellbeing and safety
  • Free from SVHC – especially free from fluorine, PBT & vPvB-substances
  • Dermatologically tested – rating of ‘excellent’


Liquid Guard’s long-lasting antimicrobial technology can be used in a wide variety of environments for effective protection against infection.

  • High touch areas – 1 year of protection.
  • Low touch areas – 4 years of protection.
Invisible hygiene and abrasion protection against micro scratches on glass or plastic displays, LED, LCD or AMOLED. Zero limitation to touch functions or usability.
Easy-to-clean treatment for bathroom ceramics, toilet lids, sanitary surfaces and bathroom fittings (eg taps, shower heads and hoses) and flooring
Protection against infections on plastics, stainless steel or varnished surfaces in public toilets, hotels, public transportation and food service industry
Food Surfaces
Infection reduction in the kitchen: work surfaces and cutting boards, cutlery, and kitchen utensils, kitchen cabinets, fridges, sinks
Permanent surface disinfection in hospitals and care facilities, especially those within intensive and quarantine care, or surfaces with a high infection risk (eg doorknobs) including shelf spaces, work-tops and floors
Permanent hygiene for phones, keyboards, and other input devices which are regularly touched and used
Wear and tear and hygiene treatment for automatic vending equipment, slot machines, water dispensers, parking meters and other public machines
Mould reduction for agricultural covers


At Micro Surface Solutions NZ, we are strongly committed to the safety of our product. Rather than an obligation to meet standards, we consider this an objective to exceed standards and do so wherever possible in the interests of achieving the highest safety standards.

Liquid Guard® is free of halogens, heavy metals and nano-silver. It has been tested and approved as safe to use.


  • MPI C22 New Zealand Food Safe Approved
  • HSNO New Zealand approval
  • 100% rated Excellent by Dermatologists
  • Authority New Zealand approval
  • ISO Standards – 11998
  • ISO Standard – 11507A


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